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August 26 — September 3, 2021


Visual Art

During the peak of summer in the bucolic western Upper Peninsula of Michigan,

Art in the Park is one of the Emberlight Festival's premiere events.  

We are very excited to bring this successful event from 2014-2017

back to Ironwood's Miners Memorial Heritage Park.  

Artists from across the upper Midwest create original installations 

using the greatest canvas of all: Mother Nature.

Opening on July 2, Art in the Park will be just a short walk from downtown Ironwood.  Following in Emberlight's commitment to providing accessible art to our community, the large installations will be featured throughout the Miners Memorial Heritage Park Aurora Loop and open to the public for over two months.

Explore original art

in nature


Discover artists in

four different

art shows

Emberlight celebrates the photographerspainters, designers and craftsmen that find daily inspiration from the pristine surroundings of the Western Upper Peninsula and contribute to the creative energy of our region.  


Beyond Art in the Park, artists from the Upper Peninsula and northern Wisconsin

will be highlighted in three additional curated shows by

the Downtown Arts Place, Range Arts Association,

and Emberlight's Photography Show.



The western Upper Peninsula is an artist's dream: A community of creative thinkers who can draw inspiration from Mother Nature every day.  The environment off the southern shores of Lake Superior influences the lives of Yoopers (what we commonly call people who live in the Upper Peninsula) year round — we live in one of the few places in the country where fall, winter, spring, and summer can be experienced in all their glory.

Discovering artists in nature is Emberlight's motto, and this isn't more apparent through our Festival than during Art in the Park.  

Applications are now available!





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